Alex McGruber is a survivor in Episode 3: The Scientist who survived the attack on a camp uncounted in the beginning of episode 3, he is located in East street 3 in the level 2 stairway. He gives you the quest Good Samaritan, where you have to find 3 other survivors that survived the attack on the camp. After leavng the stairway, he is no longer there, it is unknown what happened to him afterwards.


Episode 3: The Scientist 
Hey! It's been days since I've seen anyone... after what happened at the camp...

Speech What happened?

Well...we've been able to defend the camp from zombies before, but last time... I mean it was just ONE zombie, but it ripped through everything, It's like they're getting stronger.

Speech Great...

I know that a few more people made through the attack; I wouldn't be suprise if they're injured, though.

Speech I'll find them!