• Easy Energy using/earning Can of Beans* Usually with no more than 10 energy points and $150 you can begin Level 2 and acquire a Can of Beans for the Social Contract/Seahorse Play. The amount of Energy earned usually surpasses the amount used provided you pay off the Raider with the $150 to save Energy and do not loot items until a mission requires it. Repeat as necessary. Even with minimal energy this should be an easy task. Starting with 10 Energy I went through it twice and used one Can of Beans. 2 Runs for 1 Can extra and enough to complete a third run, then after 5 runs I only needed to use one more Can. Overtime or with Max Energy you could do this an infinite number of times and eventually not require wasting anything but $150 which you will earn back with interest when obtaining your Can of Beans until you fill your inventory.