Chef Boyardoo is a boss encountered in episode 3 of Zombies Ate My Friends. He is found inside of the diner on west street 4 while you are going to Blitz and the helicopter on west street 5.

Backstory and AppearanceEdit

Boyardoo was formerly a chef who worked at the diner. He used to cook and serve food for customers to eat, but sadly, all he wants to do now is eat people's brains. By the time the player goes down west street 4, a man named Alex Cherkoff has locked the zombified Boyardoo in the diner. Cherkoff asks if you want to fight him and you can either tell him to unlock the doors so you can fight him or tell him that you have no time if you are in a hurry. Boyardoo has turned into another big zombie of hulking proportions. He has a purple beard and eyebrows. Apparently, someone tried to kill him previously, as there is a meat cleaver lodged in his stomach and two kitchen knives stuck in his back. His shirt and toque blanche have blood stains and the shirt is ripped at the sleeves, probably from his arms growing large. His pants are ripped up as well. There is also a hole in his side, exposing part of his ribcage, which is common with big boss zombies. Finally, there is a tattoo of a heart with a knife and fork on his arm.

Health and NotesEdit

Chef Boyardoo is just as hard as a regular bloated zombie. He has roughly about the same health as a bloated zombie. He should be okay to deal with if you have good weapons, especially poison weapons.

One thing to note is that his name is a play on the Chef Boyardee brand of canned pasta products.

One more note is that there are raging zombies who look just like him, such as the one in episode 4.