Chopper Dave is a pilot that you meet at the beginning of the game.  He is partners with Violet.  He breifly guides you on how to fight zombies and find Violet. After finding Violet, he gives you a call about brains. When you return, he is a Zombie. He is the very first victim in the game that gets infected.


Episode 1: The Beginning
Hey, you! Help me out and we can both get out of here...

My partner, Violet, went off to rescue more survivors like you, but I've lost contact with her.

I'd go myself, but I can barely stand. Take my two way radio, and I'll guide you there. Okay?

Speech All right...

Should be in the apartment right down the street. Just follow the yellow arrows and kill any zombies in your way.

Speech OK!

Great work! The apartment safe house should be just to your


Speech OK

Chopper Dave?


Give... me... br...aaurghhh...

Speech What the?