Darin's Cat is a boss fought in episode 4 of Zombies Ate My Friends. It is fought at the Darin's Mart on east street 11, during the quest, "Not Very Convenient" where you have to clear out the store. It is inside the store along with Darin himself.

Backstory and AppearanceEdit

This particular cat was previously the beloved pet of the owner of the convenience store, Darin. The cat probably was a good companion to Darin and was very fun to play with. Unfortunately, during the events of the outbreak, the poor feline became infected, and turned into a zombie cat, his owner also turning into a zombie. It looks just like a normal zombie cat, the normal version of this boss which is introduced in this episode. The skin and fur on most of its front legs are completely gone, leaving only the bones. A very small section of the right ear seems to be missing. There is a hole on its back, exposing part of its ribcage and some of the fur on the tail is missing, revealing the bare tail at the parts with no fur. A pet collar is also hanging around its neck. Like all zombie animals, it occasionally coughs up bones while idle.


The cat has more health than the average zombie cat, having exactly 3535 health. It packs a bit of a punch but is ok to fight if you have weapons like the über-sword.