Dr. Dexter is Survivor that you meet in Episode 3: The Scientist. She is friends with Blitz Von Crank. She keeps a zombie monkey as a pet for experiments. She seems to know a lot about the zombie infection and how to cure it.

DialogueEdit Episode 3: The ScientistEdit

Nice to meet you. My name's Dr. Dexter

Speech 1.(Mention Violet) Speech 2. Nice Monkey...

1. Ah yes. Von Crank told me about your friend. I think I have found a chemical compound that can reverse the "Zombificaion" process in some humans. I'm afraid that's a very low probability of success.

Speech We have to try

Let's do it! But I'm missing a chemical compound that I need to complete the antidote: "DEAD." I need you to find me some. I'll also need something else from you...

Speech 1. What else? Speech 2. DEAD?

A friend of mine, "Red," went missing a few days ago. If you can find her and one vial of DEAD for me, I'll help your friend.

Speech 1.I'll do it... Speech 2.Red?