The game begins with you escaping from the zombies! You grow tired, nearing the brink of exhaustion. You chance upon a helicopter up ahead and race towards it, marking the start of this perilous adventure. This is followed by news report of the zombie outbreak. Reports inculde what to wear in an apocalypse, the news business building, and survivors to rebuild the city.

Episode 1 takes place on Main Street.

Characters in this Episode

Chopper Dave
Norma Van Der Plug
Alex Letoff

Episode Progression

Number of Deaths 0/1
Quests Completed 0/7
Things Scavenged 0/7
Zombies Killed 0/5
Secrets Located 0/0


This is a walkthrough based on a first run of the game and does not reflect every player's gameplay. Progression, XP, and cash will vary depending on the individual gameplay. Drops of cash and XP vary in every game.

Surviving is onto the player, as well as the choice of skill points.   Use health items, energy packs, ammo, etc, if needed or desired.

Zombies, Fight!

Kill zombies on your way to the safehouse to find Violet.

Goal Go right and fight through zombies (0/2)
Reward XP 13 Cash 7
Location 2 Main St.
Energy Cost Energy6 or less
Weapons Nail 'n' Board
Episode Progression
  • Quests Completed
  • Zombies Killed

Get to Safety

Head inside Heaven's Gates for safety and fortify it.

Goal Reach the safe house in Heaven's Gates (0/1)
Reward XP 55 Cash 25
Location 2 Main St.
Heaven's Gates
Level Up Level 3
Episode Progression
  • Quests Completed

Stay Safe

Fortify Heaven's Gates for safety.

Goal Fully barricade the safe house (0/1)
Reward XP 55 Cash 25
Location 2 Main St.
Heaven's Gates
Energy Cost Energy1
Achievement Pushing the Story 1
Episode Progression
  • Quests Completed

Go Scavenging

Violet wants you to help her get supplies. You must clear the area of zombies before scavenging.

Goal Scavenge 3 times (0/3)
Reward XP 25 Cash 25
Location 2 Main St.
Energy Cost Energy10 or less
Episode Progression
  • Quests Completed
  • Things Scavenged
  • Zombies Killed

Rescue Survivor #1

Violet calls you and wants you to help her rescue some survivors.

Goal Rescue Survivor #1 (from the Murphy's Law Office) (0/1)
Reward XP 17 Cash 12
Location 3 Main St.
Murphy's Law Office
Energy Cost Energy10 or less
Level Up Level 4
Episode Progression
  • Quests Completed
  • Things Scavenged
  • Zombies Killed

Rescue Survivor #2

Rescue the second survivor further down the street.

Goal Rescue Survivor #2 (from the Darin's Discount Variety) (0/1)
Reward XP 17 Cash 13
Location 4 Main St.
Darin's Discount Variety
Energy Cost Energy10 or less
Weapons Frying Pan
Achievements Zombie Slaughter 1
Eggs Tyrone
Episode Progression
  • Quests Completed
  • Zombies Killed

Finish all episode progression before continuing on for an A+

Get to da Choppah

Get out of Main Street. On the way, Chopper Dave will give you an unsettling call...

Goal Board the helicopter (0/1)
Reward XP 38 Cash 15
Location 1 Main St.
Helicopter landing site
Energy Cost Energy15 or less
ZombieChopperDaveZombie Chopper Dave
Level 2
HP: 380
DMG: 8-10
Level Up Level 5
Loot Military Crate - Energy1 Shotgun
8 Shotgun Ammo
Cat Food
XP 6 Cash 10 Energy 1
Achievements Growing Up

Check out my Boomstick
The Intro

Episode Progression
  • Quests Completed

Score Rewards

Grade Reward
C Cash100
B Cat Food
A Bandage
A+ Gold1

Scavenging and Zombie Drops

Cash 1-3
XP 1-2
Energy 1
Zombie Drops
Cash 1-3
XP 5-10
Energy 1

Episode Tips

  • In the beginning, you might want to throw a punch and a jab at the first zombie to minimize energy loss. If the second zombie's health is 20-23, kill it with one energy only.
  • Chopper Dave is relatively easy to kill but to minimize health and energy loss, take him out with the frying pan.