This wiki will update this log as the content in Zombies Ate My Friends are made.

Current Versions


8, May 2014
Version 2.1.1
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21, May 2014
Version 2.1.1
Google Play Store Web Site


20, Aug 2013
Version 1.0.2
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8, May 20144
Version 2.1.1
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Game Updates

Version 2.1.1

8, May 2014
  • Brand-new Mission mode episode with tons of new missions: huge bonus XP rewards for early completion!
  • Help Red defeat the teenage punk zombies of Festerville mall!
  • Awesome new rewards for upcoming events!
  • Bug fixes and improvements to teams and leaderboards.

Version 2.0.1

10, March 2014

Bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • If you were stuck dead, you can revive
  • Regenerating boss zombies now regenerate more slowly
  • Mission mode can now be played indefinitely without having to restart the episode
  • Easier to 100% episodes 9 and 10

Version 2.0.0

25, February 2014
  • New explosive weapons! Use the Rocket Launcher for maximum damage!
  • New customization options with skill bonuses
  • New dog: Rolf the half-wolf husky (in episode 3 safe houses)
  • New action menu lets you use items while fighting zombies
  • New Suburbs of the Dead event episode – with new shocking weapons – coming soon!
  • Play the new Mission Mode for quests and rewards (find it in the episode selection menu)
  • Level 27-30 added

Version 1.6.0

3, December 2013
  • Brave the combie shoppers of the Festerville Mall in the upcoming Holidayz event!
  • Frost weapons like the new Ice Block Sledgehammer!
  • Collect ornaments, toys, gingerbread men, and earn exclusive X-mas themed outfits!
  • Level 27 added – keep playing for more skill points and best weapons!
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.5.0

19, November 2013
  • New powerful fire weapons and sewer episode in our next event, starting soon!
  • Level 26 added – keep playing for more skill points and best weapons!
  • Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance

Version 1.4.0

14, October 2013
  • Level 25 added
  • New rat zombies! Zombism – it's not just for people anymore
  • New poison weapons! Deal bonus damage and dominate!
  • Halloween is coming! Watch for the Trick or Treat event late this month for even more new stuff!
  • Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance

Version 1.3.0

19, September 2013
  • Episode 10 added: Save Dr. Dexter and track down Cyrus for revenge!
  • New login rewards: earn items and weapons just for playing each day!
  • Bug fixes and game improvements

Version 1.2.0

23, August 2013
  • New limited-time events with exclusive rewards: powerful weapons and equipment await!
  • Outbreak event starts soon! Join the event, and you can return to your current episode when it's done.
  • Compete to see who can collect the most green skulls! Get more from your friends, too!
  • Escape the zombie-filled hospital in the new Episode 9: Hospitalized!
  • New weapons and equipment!
  • Levels 21, 22, 23 added
  • Bug Fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.2

30, July 2013
  • Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance

Version 1.0.0

17, July 2013

Huge new update! More is on the way – thanks for playing!

  • By popular demand: earn skill points when you level up! (Level 5+)
  • New episodes added!
  • New episode scoring & rewards! Score an A+ eating to earn gold skulls!
  • Watch out for huge new boss zombies - defeat them for big rewards!
  • New weapons & equipment!
  • Plenty of bug fixes and improvements

Version 0.9.1

18, May 2013
  • New! The episode-ending screen now gives rewards, including gold skulls for top scores! (You can replay old episodes to get better scores, too!
  • New! More loot added to every episode: explore the town for valuable safes!
  • New! Episode 6 continues the story – and more to come!
  • Many bug fixes and performance improvements, including:

-Fixed cases where your character would look strange (missing clothing, faces – ew!)
-Fixed problem where the barrel in the locked office wouldn't give fuel (episode 2)
-Fixed game crashing when trying to return to the helicopter
-Fixed problem where Scruffy the dog wouldn't offer to go fetch health or ammo – he should be more happy & helpful now!

  • Please note: When you update, you may find that your character has changed. Your customizations aren't lost, but you will need to go to the customization screen (in the inventory) to re-select your options.

Version 0.9.0

19, April 2013