Kelly Grid is Rescue Survivor #1 from Episode 3: The Scientist that you can save in Danny's Diner on East Street 4.  She survived the attack at the unnamed camp earlier in the episode. She will give you the quest Dry Spell, in which you have to look for 5 bottles of water in 1 hour. Afterwards, She will be nowhere to be found and not appear in the safehouse even though she said she would go there.. It is unknown hat became of her. 

His appearance will change every time you play Episode 3.


Episode 3: The ScientistEdit

Thank you for finding me! When the was destroyed, I was sure I'd be stuck here. Have you see anyone else from the camp? Where is everyone?

Speech (Mention safe house)

I'll head there then. Hey! Do you have any water? I'm dying of thirst... not literally. I'll bet anyone else you find will need some, too. Could you find some bottles of water? I'll give you this Uzi I found if you can find some in time...

Speech Sure XP 1 Speech Nah

Thanks for the water, man! Here, I found this weapon. You might make better use of it than I will.

Speech No problem