Lura Zackash is Uzo Zackash's sister who went out to look for supplies but never returned in Episode 2. When you find her, you discover she has been infected. After you return to Uzo to tell him about his sister, you can either tell him that she is infected or alright, if you tell Uzo that she is alright, if you return to Laura, 2 zombies will be in the room where she was, indicating that she has turned and is now a zombie somewhere. If you tell Uzo that Laura is infected and return to Laura, you will find Uzo in the room by himself, he will say "That was messy..." indicating that he put his undead sister down.

Her appearance will change every time you play Episode 2. The picture here is one example.


Episode 2: The Crash
I feel sick...

Speech Laura?

Yeah! How'd you know?

Speech (Explain)

I knew he didn't forget about me! The mechanic you're looking for... his name is Blitz. He's in the office building a few blocks down. brrrain...

Speech Are you okay?

No...a zombie bit me. I think I'm infected. I feel really sick...and hungry...

I think I need some medical attention. I don't want to turn into one of them! What if I don't like the taste of brains?

Speech 1. I'll get your brother Cash 1
Speech 2. You're done for!