Nick Didzozzo is Rescue Survivor #3 from Episode 3: The Scientist that you can save in the building on East Street 12. He survived the attack at the unnamed camp earlier in the episode. He will give you the quest A friend in need, in which you have to look rescue Tammy. After rescuing Tammy, he will no longer be in the building on East street 11, it is unknown if he found a safe house or was killed by zombies.

His appearance will change every time you play Episode 3.


Episode 3: The ScientistEdit

Am I glad to see you!

Speech (Mention safe house)

I'm a little banged-up, but I can still get around.

Speech Let's get out of here

Sure thing! And, hey, seeing as you're the first person I've seen in a while... can I tell you something?

Speech Sure

A friend of mine from the survivor camp, Tammy... we got separated when a bunch of... those things chased us.

Speech Zombies...

Right...well, she was headed for that diner not far from here... could you see see if she's okay?

Speech 1. I can do that Speech 2. No time!