Raider is a survivor that you run into in Episode 2. He claims Limburger as his town and will not let you pass him unless you either pay him or grab a map from Zombie Paulie.

After you get your chopper fixed, you discover you need fuel. You run into Raider again and he tells you where his stash of fuel is.


Episode 2: The Crash
What are you looking at?

Speech ...

My gang runs this part of town. You're lucky I don't put a bullet in your head for trespassing on my property.

Speech Just passing through...

No, you're not. You're gonna have to pay up if you want to pass.

How does 150z's sound?

Speech 1. (Pay Raider) Cash 150
Speech 2. (Tell him off)

1. Looks like you know how to play ball. Go on ahead.

And I'll let you in on a little secret: an old rival of mine, Paulie Cicero, is locked away in the convenience store behind me.

The stiffs got to him, and he's a zombie now...

Speech So?

If you kill what's left of Paulie, I'm sure you'll get something out of it.

You might also want some pills - he's a biter! Remember who runs things around here...

Speech ...

2. Ha! I haven't heard that about my mom in a long time. You're still not passing through, though. Unless...

I'll make you a deal: See that Darin's Mart behind me?

Speech Yes...

Inside is a rival gang leader - or, he was before I took over! His name was Paulie Cicero. He's a stiff now, but I know he had a map of cash stashes on him.

Get the map from what's left of Paulie, give it to me, and I'll let you pass; otherwise, I'll have my boys feed you to the stiffs...

Speech OK

Looks like Paulie was really holding onto this map! I'll take the map and you take this hand.

Speech What?

What are you still doing here?

Speech I'm busy...

Who isn't these days?

Didn't you hear? There's a horde of stiffs making their way to the city.

Speech "Your" city?

Not anymore! Everything's picked over, it's about to be infested by stiffs... I don't need this town. On to the next!

Just wish I wasn't in such a hurry; I have a stash of fuel I wanted to take with me...

Speech Where?

What do you care? Do you have a car?

Speech Sort of...

Damn...if I had more time, I could've stolen it!

Anyway...since you've been good about NOT getting in my way so far: go ahead and take the fuel.

Speech Where is it?

It's in an office in that building a few blocks down.

The security guard on the roof top should have the keycard to get into the office.

Speech OK

Oh! And one more thing:

I fed the securit guard to the stiffs; so, he's probably a zombie. Well...see ya around, buddy! Haha!

Speech Thanks...

Beat it...

Speech ...