Red is Survivor #3 in Episode 3: The Scientist that is friends with Dr. Dexter. And she survived the attack at the unnamed camp earlier in the episode. According to Dr. Dexter, she's a zombie Hunter that helps survivors in need of supplies. She was tracking the zombie that attacked the camp and has knowledge of DEAD.


Episode 3: The Scientist

What do you want?

Speech Red?'d you know?

Speech (Mention Dr. Dexter)

She's still alive? Good! Is she okay - and who are you?

Speech (Explain) sounds like we can help each other then.

Speech How?

I've been tracking down the zombie that destroyed the survivor camp. I know a bunch of survivors were going to hide in the police station, which is a few blocks east of here. I bet the zombie I'm after isn't too far away from a good source of food like that...

Speech And...

And...I know there's a small amount of DEAD at the police station.

Speech You know about DEAD?

Yeah... diethyl azodicarboxylate. Doesn't everyone know that?

Speech ...

Anyway, since there's DEAD at the police station, maybe you can take care of the zombie for me while you're - assuming he's - there. I'll make my way back to Dr. Dexter and your probably Romero'd friend. It sounds like they'll need someone with some gun power to keep a look out.

Speech Deal

Good luck. Judging by the wake of destruction, it looks like that zombie's trouble... Here take this sledge hammer. I call it MudderFudger. Why? Why not..

Speech Thanks...