Seahorse is a merchant you meet in Episode 2 at the Limburger checkpoint. He sells you weapons and items. In a quest, you need to get vials of booze for him.

He is also the Daily Special Merchant.


Episode 2: The Crash
Hey, man... I've been, like, watching you...

Speech Oh?

How'd you manage to get that helicopter?

You don't, like, work for the government, do you? Some G-Man, narc? Ah, well. You lookin' to buy?

Speech Buy what?

"Buy what?"? Where've you, like, been, man?

Merchants, like me, will buy your items and sell you whatever you need...guns, ammo, medical supplies, happiness...

If you're in trouble, you can buy items from me at any time by tapping the crate with the golden skull on it at the bottom-right of your screen

Speech I see

You don't, man. You're not even through the looking glass!

Anyway... I'll sell you items, but I'd feel better about it if you got me some booze...a G-narc wouldn't get booze!

Speech >OK...

You got it, man! Did you notice how you can only get booze in small vials? That's the Government!

You can buy things from me, like, anytime, man! See ya around!