The Security Guard is a boss fought in episode 2. You fight him on the roof of the office tower when you are going to get helicopter fuel. If you pay the raider $150 then he will unlock the room with a keycard he got from the guard, making it unnecessary to fight him but if you tell him off, you have to get the keycard yourself.

Backstory and AppearanceEdit

The guard was a security guard who worked at the office tower before the outbreak. Somewhere along the line he gets infected. If you pay the raider the money, he steals the guard's keycard and leaves him on the roof to turn. By the time the player reaches the roof, he has already turned into a big zombie. He has a huge,hulking appearance. He wears his former uniform and cap and has a brown beard. As with a lot of boss zombies, part of his ribcage is exposed. Also, like all zombies, he has no skin at the elbows, showing nothing but that section of the arm bones. His pants are ripped at the knees as well.

Health and DropsEdit

This boss has a bit over 1000 health, approximately 1800 or so. He should not be a problem with good weapons and if you conserve energy. When killed, he drops many useful items including cat food, shotgun ammo, health items and, in the case of telling the raider off, the keycard needed to unlock the room with the fuel.