Skill points enhance our performance in the game. They increase damage, health, energy, and luck. You cannot gain skill points until level 5. After that you will gain one skill point after every level up.

The maximum level at the moment is 26, meaning you will only be able to use 21 skill points at the moment.



Damage is respectively how strong you are in the game without a weapon. As you level up damage, your strength will increase.

Points Damage
0 9-11
1 33-40
2 36-44


Heath is the life meter of your character. If it reaches 0, you die. As you put points in health, you will gain +5 max health per point in the meter .

Points Health
0 100
1 105


Energy allows you to perform actions such as fighting, scavenging, fortifying, etc. If it reaches 0, you will not be able to perform any action that requires energy and will have to wait for it to regenerate. As you level up energy, you will be able to gain more energy in the meter.

Points Energy
0 35
1 36


Luck appears randomly in fights that will enhance your attack, whether it is double attack or critical attack. They are quickfire events that you must tap within its time limit. This also applies to dodging attacks. As you level up Luck, these will appear more frequently in fights.

Points Luck
0 +1%
1 +1.5%

Resetting SkillsEdit

If you make a mistake or wish to redo your skill points, you can with a cost. The prices will increase by the number of skill points you have.

Points Cost
0 Gold 0
1 Gold 2
2 Gold 4
3 Gold 6
4 Gold 8
5 Gold 10

You may choose to level up whichever skill you want, as long as you have the points for it.