Uzo Zackash is Laura Zackash's brother who you meet in Episode 2. He is anxiously awaiting his sister's return from gathering supplies, not knowing what happened to her. He asks you to help him find his sister. You get more money and xp from him if you tell him Laura is infected and he needs to "help" her. after saying this, go back to the room Laura was in and he will be there to tell you "That was messy." and give you extra cash and xp. Otherwise, if you lie and tell him she's fine, when you back to the room, there are 2 zombies waiting for you labeled Zombie Laura, and Zombie Uzo, who Laura most likely bit

. If you return to the room where Laura and Uzo was after collecting the extra cash and xp, Uzo will no longer be there, it is unknown where he went or what become of him.


Episode 2: The Crash
Hey... I haven't seen you around here before.

Speech (Explain)

Mechanic, eh? I actually know a guy! Well...I know OF a guy. My sister Laura, knows where he lives...

Speech Where's your sister?

Well...she went out looking for supplies and...never came back.

I just know she's still alive...

Speech I'll find her

Thanks for helping me...

Speech No problem

Hey did you find her?

Speech Of course!

Oh, good. Where is she? She didn't come with she okay?

Speech 1. She's fine... Speech 2. She's infected...

1. Oh, good! I was afraid the zombies got her and... and she became one.

I have to bring her back. For Mom! Thank you!

Speech No Problem!

2. A zombie? Oh no! Dad said this would happen...

What Should I Do?

1. A barrel roll?   2.'Help' her


2.Your right. I guess I'll have to..."take her out."

I'm sorry...