Violet is a survivor that you meet at the beginning of the game.  She is your partner for the game.  Her attitude needs some work, but she always has your back.

In Episode 2, she goes off by herself and gets infected by the zombies.

But you can either choose to kill her or let her live. If you choose to kill her, she will get angry and you will be forced to let her live. If you choose to let her live and get her the vial of DEAD then she will be alright...


Episode 1: The Beginning
Who are you? Doesn't matter... I need your help. This safe house was trashed.

We have to barricade it beore more zombies show up!

Speech Why?

Because there are zombies outside and it's not safe! Once barricaded, it will be safe to stay here.

(Tap the blue button in the lower left to barricade the safe house.)

Speech Got it

Good Job! Always barricade safe houses so you'll have a place to return if you're knocked out by zombies.

I'm Violet, by the way. What brings you to this zombie-infested crap-hole?

Speech 1. Zombies ate my friends: Cash1
Speech 2. Your pilot sent me XP 1

1. Yeah... but at least you're still alive, right? Neither of us will be for long unless we get some supplies, though.

Feel like going back out and scavenging for some supplies? Help me out and I can get you out of here.

2. Dave's still here?!? There's a horde of zombies coming in from the west; we don't have long...

But first I need some supplies. Feel like going back out and scavenging for some stuff? Help me and I'll get you out of here.

Speech Scavenging?

It's simple: just clear an area of zombies and then you can search stuff.

There's always useful stuff around; scavenging is the best way to find supplies and even weapons.

I'll keep watch from up here and stay in touch on your radio.

Ready to go?

Speech OK

Great Job. Scavenging for stuff is important, but I'm here to find survivors. Can you help?

Two are trapped in buildings nearby. They're probably in washrooms so they can block the only way in. That and... well, you know.

Speech 1. I'll find them!Cash 1
Speech 2. Do we have to? XP 1

2. No, we can stay here, make cupcakes, talk about our feelings, and LET ZOMBIES EAT THEIR BRAINS. Yes, we have to.

Speech Fine...

(And remember that if you're ever stuck on what to do, just tap the little blue book at the bottom-right of your screen for a reminder.)

Speech OK

Decent job on rescuing the survivors, rookie. Now let's go back to the helicopter and get the hell out of here!

Speech Roger that!

All right, rookie, look that crate and let's get out of here! And don't worry: I know I can pilot the whirlybird no problem...

Speech Are you sure?

Episode 2: The Crash
Way to crash the helicopter!

Thanks to you we're stuck in this death-trap of a city. Did you see all the zombies headed this way?

Speech 1. You were flying it! Cash 1
Speech 2. Sorry? XP 1

1. Shut up! This is no time to point fingers - especially when it was your fault! We need to secure the perimeter and fix the helicopter ASAP.

Speech Right

2. "Sorry" won't fix the helicopter, but we can't give up. First things first: we need to secure the perimeter.

Speech Right

We need to clear the area of zombies. After that we can look for supplies and figure out what to do.

Speech 1. OK XP 1
Speech 2. Who made you boss? Cash 1

2. I did... using my superior leadership and people skills, jerk!

Now, are you going to help or what?

Speech I will!

Damn right you will. Still got your radio?

Speech Yup

Good. I'll call you with updates. I can see a couple zombies at the edge of the park; go take 'em out.

Speech OK

Try not to get killed out there...

Speech Thanks...

Aw, crap! All the supplies we were bringing back must have fallen out while we were going down.

Looks like they landed all over Limburger Street. Keep going right, scavenge the streets for supplies and bring them back.

Speech OK

(You can use the map button in the bottom left to help you find your way.)

Speech OK

You found the stuff? Great... bring it here back here.

(Supply boxes are of no use to you, and they take up room in your pack.)

Speech OK

While you were gone I assessed the damage: my assessment is that it's hella-broken. We need professional help.

Speech 1. YOU need help... Cash 1
Speech 2. Professional? XP 1

1. That's great! Make fun of the only friend with a shotgun you have in the zombie apocalypse...

Back to business: I think there's a survivor camp in Limburger Park; they may have someone who knows how to fix this thing.

Speech OK

2. I think there's a survivor camp in Limburger Park; they may have someone who knows how to fix this thing.


What are the odds we'd find a mechanic right when we need one? Man, I'm good!

Speech I found him!

Blitz, huh? As long as he can fix the mess YOU got us into, rookie!

I'll stay here and fend off any scavengers while you two get what he needs.

Speech OK

I thought you were looking for scrap parts?

Keep your head in the game, rookie! Figuratively, of course.

Speech OK...

Hey! Rookie! can you hear me?

Speech Yes!

Good! I got overrun by a swarm of zombies and had to retreat to Darin's Mart. I'm injured...

Speech I'll get you!

Ugh... I don't feel so good.

Speech What's wrong?

A zombie tagged me. I think I might be infected...I don't want to be Romero'd...

Speech I'll call Blitz

Thanks...rookie, but you should probably just kill me...

Speech 1. OK Cash 1
Speech 2. No way! XP 1


2. It's nice that you care. Who knows? Maybe some genius at a safe zone found a cure...

Speech we'll save you!


Speech ...

Hey, rookie! Your weapon is almost broken!

Speech How did that happen?

How do you think it happened? Every weapon has a set number of times you can use it before it breaks. Broken weapons can still be used in combat, but they wont do as much damage until you repair them.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows that!

Speech Where can I repair?

You can either use golden skulls to fix it in your inventory, or go to the nearest safe house and find a repair station.

Once you set up the repair station, select your weapon and tap the "Repair" button to fix it up a bit

Speech Thanks!